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Miss Nebraska Competition Prize Packages

$40,000 in Cash Awards          $25,000 in Gifts & Services          $1.4 Million in College Scholarships

Gifts to Miss Nebraska 2018

  • $10,000 in cash scholarships
  • New car for year of service
    • Car and service, Bill Summers $5,000+
    • Gas for travel during year of service: NebraskaLand National Bank $2,000
    • Free car washes for 1 year: JC’s Car Wash
  • Miss Nebraska Board
    • Wardrobe and prep services for Miss America Pageant $5,000
  • Wardrobe Package
    • Miss America Pageant gown: Black Swan Dress Boutique $3,000
    • Complimentary wardrobe for events: Hirschfeld’s Prom Shoppe $1,000
  •  Official Photo Shoots
    • Jenn Cady Photography $1,000
  • Hair Care and Services
    • Kontempo $1,000 
    • Hair Market Junction, Dan Macke $900
  • Nutrition, Personal Training and Health
    • Customized nutrition plan: Max Muscle/Steve Luccino $250
    • 1 year gym membership: Enzo Athletic and Performance
    • Year of adjustments and care: Hoover Chiropractic
  • Beauty and Tanning
    • Sun Tan City, unlimited nationwide spray tans for year of service $2,000
    • 5 hours of 1:1 Makeup Lessons: Colour Artistry/Joe Bohac $350
    • Set up Bhumi Makeup Brushes: Colour Artistry/Joe Bohac $250
    • Teeth whitening package: Maple Park Dental
  • Additional Gifts
    • Official Miss America State Crown:North Platte Chamber Hostesses $200
    • Personalized wooden crown box: Dr. Glenn Petersen
    • Jewelry: Lasso Espresso/Marsha Hecox
    • Discounted dry cleaning services: Orr’s Cleaners
    • Floral bouquet: Westfield Hallmark & Floral

Gifts to all Miss Nebraska contestants in 2018

  • Rehearsal T-Shirts: Pepsi, Triple B Screenprinting, Black Swan Dress Boutique, Raymond James/Tyler Daly, Quality Inn and NebraskaLand National Bank
  • Free tanning during Miss Nebraska week: A Cut Above
  • 1 free spray tan: Sun Tan City
  • Discount for Miss Nebraska production dresses, shoes and jewelry: Hirschfeld’s Prom Shoppe
  • Custom cookies: JP Sew Craft Create/Jackie Petersen